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07.22.2009 - Holy Shit, the man's alive

Please feel free to use the article on your left to help explain why you're not fond of Microsoft Word attachments.

01.22.2007 - Blogs Revisited

Due to the fact that a significant amount of useful information is now actually to be found on blogs, I've decided to give in and start keeping track of "useful" information.

We've all known the disappointment of googling for the solution to a problem, only to locate dozens of blogs from people with similar issues without solutions, and often with a bizarre number of red herrings and halting attempts to solve their problems with utterly irrelevant actions -- "I can't log in to my server, so I'm going to rearrange the RAM." To that end, I'm happy to announce http://www.goodjobsucking.com/


03.26.2005 - Scientology

Scientology joins the ranks of projects finally reaching a semblance of conclusion. You your left, you'll see some kind of crazy Scientology pamphlet that has been captioned for clarity.

01.03.2004 - Good Lord

Yes, it has been updated. Look to your left for more.


04.27.2003 - Oh Boy

Keeping true to my promise of not updating this site every day, I have now updated the main page. I realize it has not yet been a year, so please bear with me.

08.10.2002 - Bloggers Beware

There is no way in hell this is turning into a blog page. If you're looking for something decent on the web, and you get this page in a search engine, you have my apologies.

On the other hand, I did add a page for collecting coherent anti-Microsoft rants.

04.12.2002 - New look for House of Queued

Thank you, I'm well aware that nobody ever looks here. Nor should they.

02.10.2002 - Up it Goes

Well, let me be the first to admit that this page makes no freaking sense whatsoever. Many web projects in their early stages, just aren't all that impressive, and it takes a lot of work to make them halfway decent. Therefore, this website will not be halfway decent.

I am Queued. I won't explain that, either. I was considering getting the domain "queued.com" just for the sheer niftiness factor, but discovered that it was already taken by a cybersquatter. So I figured I'd make an offer:

At 12:39 AM 2/6/2002 -0600, you wrote:
I'll give you $10 for that domain.
Oh...man....you're a dollar short -- and a day late. But, $950 would beat the last offer.

Ha ha! I'm sure that's what the "queued.com" company is offering, since they neglected to secure the domain before selecting a name for their company. It would just be rude of me to attempt to outbid the poor schlubs. And good luck to our friends the cybersquatters, who either make a brisk business out of awful domain names, or are just big liars. Apparently, whoever made the last offer is in no particular hurry to close the deal, so I suspect that the domain will remain in squatted form for quite some time.

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